Puppet Wardrobe 

Welcome to the puppet wardrobe . . .

Here you will find a collection of clothing, arm rods and stands for your puppets. 

This is a secret place separate from our Etsy site . . . don't tell anyone! 

This site is for you . . . a returning customer who has already purchased one of our puppets.

A rotating stock of dresses and outfits for your special friend. 

Arm rods in many colors for upgrades or just replacements. 

Experimental puppet creations . . . some to gawk at, some for sale.

To order fill out form below.

A PayPal invoice will then be sent for purchasing. 

Allow 24 HR  for invoice and shipping notification.

Shipping is not included unless stated with item listing.

Purple Spiderweb (glow in the dark)


50's Style Fruit Dress


Green/Blue Dress with Purse.


Red Heart Fuzzy Shirt.


Light Blue

Pair  $10.00

Dark Purple

Pair  $10.00


Pair  $10.00


Pair  $10.00

Large 80s striped


Christmas lights




Green tartan


Experimental Creations!!!

This are new, never been tested, spur of the moment creations. If you want something out of the ordinary, this is your place. 

IMPORTANT: Due to the nature of these creations, they are sold AS IS!  NO Refunds or Returns. 

Depending on the experiment you might receive a email asking for a quick review of the item.

Love Gremlin 

$45.00 includes shipping.

Has bendy tail and paws. Wings are floppy yet have some bend. Arms have a mix of foam and beads to give him elbows. Puppet uses non Velcro removable rods. (exterminating with small foam tubes). Arm rods are black. Very expressive faces.